Saturday, March 24, 2007

SemantiNet - Connecting the dots...

After reading the article published in TheMarker
about the new Israeli startup by Yossi Vardi I rushed to
see what its about. Ya, you guessed right it's in stealth
mode and there's nothing really to see except for an
opening blog post describing a futuristic universe from the day it was created till the days Semantic technologies were evolved. The Semantic Web - Actually quite an interesting bit. You can only imagine onCharm the first product to be released by SemantiNet.

Semantinet develops a semantic framework solution that allows for rapid deployment of web-mashups, applications and services.
According to TheMarker, Tal Muskal the person behind the idea approached Vardi 6 month ago and presented the technology he's been developing for a couple of years. Tal says it wasn't difficult convincing Vardi to invest after showing him a prototype of something that was kind of working. He also said that they soon plan on getting more funds.
Keep an eye out and if you hear anything let us know.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Social knowledge by Velingo

"Social Knowledge means taking the results from the larger community of Internet users based on an instant analysis"
That's what Velingo are doing, they have developed a Web 2.0 solution which enhances search dramatically. It's called Social Knowledge and it plugs in to any search engine. The Velingo search engine system relies on users search results for optimizing future search results, in other words its performing social searches and eventually producing more accurate results .

This is how it works:

  1. The user initiates a search by sending a query to the regular search server.
  2. The search server sends a request to the Velingo Server that
  3. sends a response. This response contains the additional data that is embedded into the Search result page
  4. and is sent back to the user.

The page tags are created by the Velingo server and describe a set of tags for the whole result page. Document tags are related to each document.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vote for Web2Spot on Snap contest !!!

Snap came out with the "Extreme makeover contest" for improving their Snap preview widget. They're giving away cash for the best ideas that are submitted. The contest ends on March 15, 2007. First prize takes $2500, second prize $1000 and third prize $500 plus the two best comments will receive $500.

Right now my idea has 5 votes which isn't that bad and I really think its a good idea. Go check it out, add your own ideas and vote for me. Thanks.

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Spotback launches awesome rating widget

Spotback just announced their new widget. Its currently in closed beta but you can get a glimpse of how it works on the Spotback blog posts footer. You can also sign up for the beta here.The widget lets you rate anything using the cool slider just like on Spotback news.
In addition they're releasing a few other tools that let you expose your blog content.

So if you're a blogger go get it, I have.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


After Zlango and their icon-based language (ZMS), now comes Fontip with MyFont - a font messaging service (FMS). Both are offering a next generation text messaging enhancement to the heavy sms users as a downloadable java application to the mobile device.
Both products are similar in essence and are targeting the same market but are also different obviously. One has created an unusual icon language and the other has created a collection of designed fonts.
I couldn't help noticing the similarities when first reading about Fontip on De Gardener.

Both companies are based in Israel. Is this becoming an Israeli niche and where else is text messaging headed?

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Saturday, March 03, 2007 Web Startup 2007

Great initiative by blog founders. The TWS 2007 event is where any Israeli Web 2.0 startup can compete for being selected as one of the 10 best and having the opportunity of presenting their web project in front of a very respectable group of judges and eventually to collect some cash.
The event is open for anybody that wants to take part as a contester or as a viewer. It should be a great place to come together with web entrepreneurs, VCs, angels and web professionals.
Not only can the 10 finalist take a shot at approaching the investors...anyone can.
The TWS 2007 is going to bounce the Israeli websphere and position it globally.