Saturday, March 24, 2007

SemantiNet - Connecting the dots...

After reading the article published in TheMarker
about the new Israeli startup by Yossi Vardi I rushed to
see what its about. Ya, you guessed right it's in stealth
mode and there's nothing really to see except for an
opening blog post describing a futuristic universe from the day it was created till the days Semantic technologies were evolved. The Semantic Web - Actually quite an interesting bit. You can only imagine onCharm the first product to be released by SemantiNet.

Semantinet develops a semantic framework solution that allows for rapid deployment of web-mashups, applications and services.
According to TheMarker, Tal Muskal the person behind the idea approached Vardi 6 month ago and presented the technology he's been developing for a couple of years. Tal says it wasn't difficult convincing Vardi to invest after showing him a prototype of something that was kind of working. He also said that they soon plan on getting more funds.
Keep an eye out and if you hear anything let us know.

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