Monday, November 06, 2006

Bugile - Social Bug Management

Bugile, the first Bug management social community is currently in closed beta. Another one of Alon Carmel's and the Beta Garden's projects like, again is based on Wordpress the free blog tool and weblog platform. The service is truely in beta version, on some of the pages you will find errors but I guess these minor bugs will shortly be shared, managed and solved :)
I find this social community to be uniq and that can atract a certain tech niche with a small and devoted userbase. The same guys that report a bug via the standard site link will enjoy reporting and sharing them here.
After creating an account you'll receive a sub domain for your bugile weblog. The bugiler can manage his actions with the help of the bugile dashboard tabs displayed on the screen -Bugboard, New Bug, Bugs, Components, Discussions, Profile, Users, Settings, Public Portal. You can use the "New Bug" tab to submit bugs, determain their status and to manage them. The bugs can be tagged by component, version, OS , feature and also set the bug privacy. In addition you can subscribe to rss feed for any component.