Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coming soon...

Three more Israeli based super stealthy Internet startups I bumped into lately are Remedix, Kitchenbug and Digital Blonde. I don't have allot of details but they all look interesting.

Remedix is a community oriented health search engine, enabling consumers to easily find, contribute and share information with other people. The companys proprietary search algorithms and learning system technologies allows people to make better health-related decisions and provide them with information regarding their health.

Digital Blonde are creating an online music production school. They want to teach musicians how to produce music, help them promote it and give them the knowledge. Head over to the website and watch how former MTV Star Becky Griffin pitches the company.

Kitchenbug is in private alpha and it involves food obviously. Just looking at the photos from the landing page made me hungry.Sounds tasty.
I hope it's not too early but all three are launching soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

5min, Sharing your knowledge by video

Another user generated video site joins the crowd.
5min are creating a place for users to find and post short how-to videos in any field, a place to share your knowledge. They plan to create a Videopedia. Their approach is similar to videojug that have been around and aim at targeting the same niche.

There is one very attractive feature that 5min have and the others don't - a Smart Player! The smart player enables the viewer to watch the video in slow motion by controlling the speed, zoom in and out, view the video frame-by-frame, smoothen the video quality and other functionalities. The smart player is flash based and gives the feeling of a video editing dashboard. During upload the creator can enhance his how-to video by adding a textual storyboard to the video.

5min can stand out from all the other video sites and compete so why are they limiting to explanatory videos?
They have something unique. There are many times I want to slow motion or zoom in to the strange youtube or metacafe videos I get and they are not how-tos.
The site is still in beta, therefore the embed code for the 5min player isn't enabled yet. So here's the link to the most viewed video.

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