Sunday, October 08, 2006

New! Yedda widgets on right sidebar

I added two of the three cool
Yedda widgets to my blog. They both were released on September 15. The first is the FAQ widget which displays hot questions posted on Yedda and the second is the "Got a Question" widget which allows anyone to post a question straight to Yedda from this blog. Any of the questions posted from here will display a link back on Yedda to my blog. So go ask :)

I'v been watching and using Yedda for a while now since they've launched and it's very cool, usually the response time is quick (even on some untrivial questions...), there's a variety of people that are sharing their knowledge at Yedda and that's why I find Yedda to be a very helpful tool on the day to day.
They've been adding a bunch of other cool new features lately and even more important they put a lot into improvements that can be noticed clearly (loading text editor faster - important improvement!!) but most of all I like the attitude towards the feedback , they show consideration to what people say and think about Yedda. I guess thats the reason that keeps making it better.


Yaniv Golan said...

Thanks Nir, glad to hear you like what we're doing :)

Nir said...

sure, keep up the good work!