Monday, October 09, 2006

Metacafe Producer Rewards program

Metacafe, one of the leading video services has been running the Producer reward program for a couple of weeks now and its big. People are submiting video's to the program and are even being qualified by the Metacafe staff that are reviewing the videos.
Metacafe has a great technology that stands out from the other video services, they dont have duplications, they have a great filtering and rating system and I love the simple user interface. I think they're missing a sorting and searching ability for viewing your own videos (just think it would be nice to manage my submitted video' know so you can sort by item views, rating, comments).

In order for a video to be enrolled into the program thay must authenticate that you hold the rights for the video so its not like people are going to make money over video ads they're going to need to prove ownership.
If you want to make some cash then video your pets, I'v been tracking the program and pets do the job and No, adult videos aren't approved.

Here's the payment plan -1000 veiws = $5

Here's a guy going crazy at work ...


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