Thursday, October 05, 2006

Joe's Giveaway giving 1 million dollars

This guy
Joe has a really nice game running here and very simple too. Inspired by Alex Tew owner of the Million Dollar Home Page Joe came up with a free game that lets everyone take a chance at winning 1 million dollars. His first site Mehalek (Giveaway in Hebrew) succeeded in creating a buzz around Israel so this time he's going world wide.
The whole idea of the game is a counter that's displayed on the home page and that needs to reach 100,000,000 points by accumulating all user clicks. Each user is allocated 5 clicks a day (first click is used when entering the site for the first time each day). The prize goes to the user that makes the counter reach the destination.
Joe says in his blog that he's planning on getting the money for the prize from sponsors and advertisers. He's got the time... :-) because for reaching 100,000,000 points he's going to need some more users to click his machine, at the moment there's 934 points.
I say that if he gets the right publicity and the word spreads it should work. On any case lets all give 4 clicks a day because the real race begins at around 99,999,000 points...

Oh ya, he's added a clan feature that lets you join forces with others and that way increase your chances of winning and of course splitting the prize if you win. Good luck!

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