Thursday, October 04, 2007

Discuss anything on Youfig

At youfig small groups of 8 collaborators are assembled into groups and are given a dedicated workspace to discuss any topic. Starting a discussion is quick and easy. After creating the topic youfig will suggest other knowledgeable collaborators to help you out with figuring, planning or brainstorming your topic.
In addition to collaborating with the other group members through the discussion board youfig lets you create a document on the topic which can be exported to txt or html format.
Once a topic is closed collaborators are asked to rate each other's contribution to the topic and also to vote whether they agree with the team's collaborative output. The more you contribute to discussions the more points you can earn, points are shown on your profile and are used by others to evaluate your participation.
I found youfig to be a very comfortable environment to discuss anything with other people.

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