Sunday, October 07, 2007

Did you Shvoong your homework today?

Shvoong Homework is a new product for students. Shvoong Homework is designed to assist students of all ages manage and organize their homework. Instead of using messy and disorganized notebooks, students can use Shvoong Homework to type-up their schoolwork, keep it organized, and then share it with individuals or groups of classmates, the entire class, students from other schools entirely, or no one at all.
Students can now create a timetable for their personal classes and for scheduling exams. They can create an unlimited number of notebooks for class notes, homework, summaries, and exam preparations. The new product can definitely help out students world-wide, Shvoong supports 30 languages!

Shvoong the world-wide center for abstracts, summaries, reviews and short essays has also partnered up with Yedda the social knowledge search, to provide readers with a Q&A area. Now, on every article written and posted on Shvoong readers can ask related questions, get answers from the community and explore frequently asked questions.

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