Monday, July 09, 2007

Think you know football? Join playSPEX!

Last November bp Interactive closed an investment from LGiLab for their first project and now the playSPEX site is open for early registration! playSPEX - "The sports exchange" are operating in the fantasy sports area where others are playing, others like Yahoo, CBS, ESPN and Fanball.

Fantasy sports are very popular in the US with over 16 million players, so by the heavy British accent of the playSPEX flash video announcer I can only assume playSPEX are targeting the European/English market which are know to be sports fanatics.

In the meantime if you're a fantasizer sign up and get ready for the upcoming season. playSPEX promise to send real cash to your credit and then you can use your cash credit in order to purchase your favorite players from the sports exchange, build your virtual dream team and join the challenge or sell your free players to others and earn real cash profits.

playSPEX is expected to launch in 2007. See you on the court.

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Anonymous said...

They never paid out for baseball why will football be any different?