Monday, July 09, 2007

iMedix invites for you!

iMedix the medical search engine which I covered two month ago has begun alpha stage. The service is currently available by invitation only and is gaining members very quickly according to the founders.

iMedix search results combine health information from top sources across the web and from peoples health blogs. The interesting part about iMedix is the health blogs results which are posts written by people with similar conditions you searched. Each member gets a blog to share thoughts and health experiences.
The Blog Lobby is where you manage your posts and once you're ready to publish you can decide which communities will benefit from your post the most. So lets say you suffer from Chronic Urticaria God forbid!, the best community to share your stories with would be the Allergies community.

I think that once users begin to actively build the communities and heavily participate in the blogging, the search results will be enriched and the posts will significantly add value.

I've got 50 exclusive alpha invitations to give out. So if you want to join and be one of the testers just email me or leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you one.

Photo of the proud and healthy iMedix team.


Adam said...

Maybe my allergy is something not quite as harsh as chronic urticaria, thank god. But I sure would like to hear some infromation from patients who suffer from plain latex allergy.

I won't mind being invited (, if it's ok for latex allergy patients like me as well.



Nir said...

Thanks Adam, I sent you an invite. Enjoy.