Saturday, February 03, 2007

WorkLight - Enterprise 2.0 product

Serendipity introduces its premier product offering, WorkLight, at the DEMO 07 conference. Worklight is a secure and scalable server-based software product that provides information workers and customers with customized and personalized "Web 2.0-Style" access to corporate data that resides in enterprise applications. For the first time, application data are available via data services and technologies such as RSS, Ajax, desktop and web-based gadet/widgets, social bookmarks, application mashups and more.
Serendipity was selected to be a part of DEMO, a semi-annual conference that gives attendees a sneak peek at emerging technologies and new products.

With Worklight:
  • Enterprise application data become just like web content; accessible in the same form as web content and by means of the same web technologies. Furthermore, application data and web content can be freely mixed.
  • People at work will use the same services familiar to them at home to access enterprise data: personalized homepages such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Live, RSS aggregators, desktop and web-based gadgets and widgets, social bookmarking, etc.
  • Information workers define their own user experience – at work as well as at home. Mini-applications are created by end-users themselves and are shared with colleagues and peers.
  • User-created applications conform to strictest IT compliance and data security policies.
Most RSS vulnerabilities arise from the fact that RSS was intended to be used to syndicate and deliver public data. As such, little attention was given to securing the different facets of data retrieval, delivery, and presentation.


One of the main features is the WorkLight secure reader.The reader supports the following key functionality:
  • Multiple means of authentication are supported, including basic HTTP and form-based authentication.
  • Encryption of all data using SSL.
  • The creation of a secure channel with the WorkLight server, so that sensitive corporate data never pass through the home page provider (e.g. Google) and are never cached on their servers.
  • Protection from a variety of potential attacks, such as cross-site or cross-gadget scripting
Read more about the Secure RSS Reader here.

This is revolutionary!!


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