Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beshutaf brings social networking to life


Beshutaf is another local Israeli social network that's seems to be in stealth mode. Unfortunately I don't have an invitation but this is what their login page says after translating it from Hebrew.
Sharing starts at childhood, sharing cards, sharing cloth, sharing bicycles.Thats the all time childhood wisdom. The simple wisdom that says, sharing talent, energy and resources eases life and connects between people. The wisdom that most of us abandon later when growing up.

We want to create a real human community
that will gather groups of friends and individuals that will enable them to collaborate on day to day basis while having fun and in a trusted atmosphere, not only virtually but significantly in our daily reality.

Sounds good but how do we do this? Someone signs up and creates his profile, invites his friends that create their profiles and so on, in no time all your groups of friends can be members on the site.

and then what? Friends easily communicate within the community, group or individually. The site is our "home" and anyone can be invited. Parties and events can be organized, want to look for an apartment, want to buy an old couch, get recommendation for trustworthy professionals, to screen a movie, to play a song, write a column,fight for justified purposes, volunteer, ask for a ride or just take a peek at some photos from a trip you took together.
We really believe that a big part of things you want to do can be done in a more fun way, efficient,wiser - beshutaf (shared, together)

Bringing the online social networking out to the real world is a great idea. I really think this could succeed in a place like Israel where everyone is relatively close and where distance isn't an obstacle.
Sources say Beshutaf are about to launch in the near future with a big event. So stay tuned!

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