Sunday, February 11, 2007

JAJAH Beta program: Cool dynamic buttons

Jajah are introducing the dynamic buttons and are inviting to join the beta.
Jajah Dynamic Buttons are a revolutionary new way to make contact and stay in touch with people that you meet (or want to meet) on the internet. They let people reach each other in a variety of ways, without revealing private information such as their name, phone number or email address.

The key benefits:
  • Your phone numbers and Emails address are not visible to anyone. if you change number or location all your buttons simply auto-update.
  • You can dynamically set your availability for each channel (call, voice mail,text message, Email)
  • You can create multiple buttons that behave differently to perfectly fit your needs in a specific situation.
  • You can spread your JAJAH Dynamic Buttons not only by placing HTML code snippets but also by using a specific URL that leads directly to the respective button.

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