Saturday, October 28, 2006

Karel Baloun calls Go2web20 - The web 2.0 landscape

Karel Baloun an early senior enginner at Facebook publishes "Inside Facebook". He reveals the inside of Facebook and in his introduction he calls Go2web20 by Orli Yakuel the web 2.0 landscape. Way to go Orli! Its my favorite web 2.0 directory and she constantly keeps adding more services on a daily basis.


From the Introduction:

"This passion and commitment, and so many other things about Facebook, are unique, even in Silicon Valley, so we decided you should know about them. Facebook has already changed so many lives, so many relationships; it has become an integral part of college life5. Facebook with release and widespread adoption of its developer API will cement its position as a key social networking service in the web 2.0 landscape."

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Orli Yakuel said...

I might going to change my site name because of that ;)
That's great to know. Thanks Nir!